CoAssets 101
    • What is CoAssets Platform?

      CoAssets (ASX:CA8) is the first crowdfunding platform in South East Asia to be listed. Through our unique lead generation platform, we are able to connect business owners with investors across the region. We mainly serve Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and businesses that require funds of around $100,000 to $5million.

    • What is crowdfunding?

      Crowdfunding is "the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet". CoAssets’s model of crowdfunding involves creating an interactive platform to bring investors to network with borrowers to co-invest in projects.

    • Is CoAssets truly a regional platform?

      Yes. This is because we are listed in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and have offices in Singapore, China and Malaysia. Hence we are able to serve a wide variety of users.

    • Is crowdfunding regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)?

      Crowdfunding is regulated by the MAS and CoAssets has obtained the Capital Markets Services (CMS) Licence from the MAS to conduct crowdfunding funding in Singapore. CoAssets's CMS Licence number is CMS100607-01.

    • Do you put your own opportunities up on CoAssets?

      No , CoAssets Pte Ltd does not put our own deals up on the CoAssets platform.

    • How do you charge for your services?

      We charge a 3% to 5% service fee of the funds raise.

    • Do you provide advice on the projects listed on CoAssets? If not, who can we turn to for advice?

      CoAssets DOES NOT provide any advice on the viability or the commercial merits of any project listed on our platform. Qualified members who are interested to invest in a project should seek their own professional advice.

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    • Are my monies guaranteed or protected?

      There are risks associated with investing in the projects, and all investors must accept such risks and assess their suitability in order to participate in all projects listed on our platform.

    • How can I crowdfund a project on CoAssets?

      All members must complete the onboarding process before they are allowed to invest in a crowdfunding project. The onboarding process will require all members to complete the " Know Your Client " (KYC) process, as well as a Knowledge and Suitability Test.

    • What are the modes of funds transfer?

      All funds transfers relating to crowdfunding activities on the CoAssets platform are handled by a licenced escrow Agent. Funds transfer can be effected using FAST (Fast and Secure Transfer) transfer, online banking transfer, ATM transfer, Cashier's Order, Cash or Cheque. Funds transfer instructions will be provided to qualified investors should they choose to invest in a crowdfunding project.

    • How will I get my money back?

      All investors will be notified when the project is maturing. All funds transfer will be managed by the escrow agent.

    • Are the funds held by CoAssets?

      No. They are held by a licenced escrow agent.