About Us

CoAssets Pte Ltd, wholly owned by CoAssets Limited (referred to as CoAssets) a listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: CA8), is Singapore’s and pan Asia-Pacific region’s largest digitally enabled investor platform, offering a wide range of opportunities across different industries.

Clients of CoAssets comprise of entry-level retail investors to high-net-worth individuals and institutions wanting to grow shareholder value through prudent capital enhancement. To date, CoAssets has raised more than S$100 million and funded projects in more than 10 countries globally.

Founded in Singapore since July 2013, CoAssets has more than 574,000 registered clients and users, and a regional presence with outbound offices in Australia, China and Hong Kong. The company is headed by co-founders Getty Goh and Dr Seh Huan Kiat, with the strategic intent of enabling prudent investments through clever financial technology accessible to investors of diverse capital base tranches. Through the use of cutting-edge technology-based solutions, clients are able to harness the best of what regional financial markets have to offer and be part of an innovative consumer journey available only at CoAssets.

CoAssets’ slate of accolades include Gold Winner of 2014 OPP Awards for Best Innovation, Top 100 Winner for the 2014 Red Herring Asia, finalist for MAS Fintech Awards 2016, and a nominee for Singapore HRM Awards 2017 as Best SME Employer of the Year.

Company Structure
Year of Disbursement Rate of Return Non-performing Loan Rates
Lowest and highest rates (per annum) Weighted average (per annum) Loans which are past 30 days but less than 90 days Loans which are past 90 days
2016 7% - 20% 10.87% 0% 26.32%
2017 8% - 10% 8.04% 0% 2.2%
2018 9% - 10% 9.91% 0% 0%


The above is based on performance for each of the past 3 calendar years. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Type of Rates Computation
Rate of Return Interest payments ÷ Loan Amount
Weighted average rate of return Aggregated interest payments ÷ Aggregated loan amount disbursed
Non-Performing Loan Rates Payments that are at least 30 days past due ÷ Total Outstanding Amount Due
Company History
July – Official Launch of CoAssets Platform
August – CoAssets is awared Red Herring 2014 Top 100 Asia Winner

November – CoAssets is awarded OPP Awards for Excellence (GOLD) 2014 for Best Innovation
July – CoAssets is listed on the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSW)

November – Branch company in China is established
September – CoAssets is listed on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

December – CoAssets signs partnership agreement with Handle Property Group
January – CoAssets has newly incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary, CoAssets Real Estate (Care) Pte Ltd

January – CoAssets made a RMB 1 million (approx. A$194,000) strategic investment in Fujian’s Da Xian Bing Internet Technology Ltd (“Da Xian Bing”) for a 10 per cent equity interest September – CoAssets Pte Ltd obtained the Capital Markets Services (CMS) license, issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
January – CoAssets signs strategic cooperation agreement with EC Technology & Innovation

April – CoAssets enters into Sale & Purchase Agreement to sell interest in Fintech Pte Ltd

July – Launch of CoAssets Stirling Fort Absolute Return Fund (CASFAR), an investment fund set up by CoAssets (managed by Stirling Fort Capital Pte Ltd)

August – CoAssets hits full profitable year, gaining US$1.32M
The Team
Getty Goh
Executive Director, CEO

Mr Goh is the Chief Executive Officer and co‐founder of CoAssets Pte Ltd. He holds both a Bachelor in Building Science and a Masters of Real Estate from National University of Singapore. Before founding CoAssets Pte Ltd, Mr Goh founded Ascendant Assets Pte Ltd in 2008, a real estate research firm providing research and reports to Singapore realtors and property portals. Mr Goh has published three books on real estate investments and regularly shares his views with both local and international media such as Channel News Asia, and the Wall Street Journal. Mr Goh resides in Singapore.

Dr Seh Huan Kiat
Executive Director, CTO

Dr Seh is a co‐founder of CoAssets Pte Ltd. He holds a Bachelors degree from Imperial College London and a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before working in CoAssets, he worked at Intel for six years, managing suppliers in Japan and Taiwan. During that time he deployed and managed supplier data portals for rapid manufacturing data exchanges and real‐time reporting.  Dr Seh is in charge of product and IT architecture design. Dr Seh resides in Singapore.  

David Garry
Independent Director

Mr David Garry is an experienced company director and is the principal of David Garry and Associates a well- established Corporate registration and compliance consultancy. David is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, a fellow of the institute of corporate governance and a fellow of the institute of public accountants and has held significant directorship roles across a number of industries both at public and private levels with an emphasis in the finance sector.

Aaron Garry
Independent Director

Aaron holds a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accountants and a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance. and is a highly qualified senior financial and compliance specialist with more than 12 years’ relevant experience and a strong track record working for blue chip companies within the financial services industries across Australia and the U.K. Aaron is currently the Managing Director of ABN Australia, a leading business formation and compliance company operating in Australia.

Dr Jeffrey Chi
Independent Director
Chairman of the Singapore Venture Capital Association

Dr. Chi is a Managing Director of Vickers Venture Partners, and a member of its Investment Committee and is currently Chairman of the Singapore Venture Capital & Private Equity Association. Dr. Chi also sits on the Engineering & Technology Management Departmental Consultative Committee at the National University of Singapore. Dr. Chi is a Chartered Financial Analyst holder, and graduated from Cambridge University with 1st Class Honours in Engineering. He earned his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Organizational Knowledge and Information Technology. His experience spans a variety of industries including information technology, healthcare, and media.

Our Hiring Philosophy
1. CoAssets may be a young startup, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with plenty of heart, creativity, and agility.
Date: 2017-05-31

2. The New Game Changers of the Hiring Philosophy
Date: 2016

What our team says
Lim Hui Ming
Assistant Director, Investor Relations

"I have been with CoAssets since the very beginning. I have personally witnessed for myself how we morphed from a two-man start up to what we are today. The growing years were tough but looking back now, I realized the saying is true – tough times don't last, tough people do. It is only through sticky situations that you truly grow as an individual. The industry CoAssets is in is very dynamic. We deal with changes everyday and that has honed my skills in learning how to be adaptable. I have to say, the past few years have been truly amazing and I am very grateful to be a part of the CoAssets family."

Eugene Ong
Senior Sales Manager

"With over 4 years of experience in wealth and relationship management, I decided to get out of my comfort zone in 2016 and come abroad CoAssets. In my time with CoAssets, it has been a very rewarding journey for me. CoAssets has provided me with a learning environment that is challenging and engaging. I was given the chance to gain overseas exposure to benefit me in my personal growth. The best part of my job is to have the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life."


Available positions in CoAssets:

User Engagement Executive

Full Stack Software Developer

How to Apply:

Interested applicants may apply by sending a copy of your updated resume to Carol Chee at [email protected]. We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Should you have any enquiries, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +65 6532 7008.

“Invested with CoAssets to gain exposure to crowdfunding; and gained even more. The UEM (Jian Wei) gave a warm and welcoming experience, sharing the latest updates and happenings around CoAssets.”


“Violet is a conscientious and dedicated User Engagement Manager who never fails to understand more about my investment preference (i.e. duration of tenure, % interest rates). She puts in great effort to engage and invite me to any CoAssets sharing sessions to keep me up to date with CoAssets as well.”

Ho Wen Fang,

“Concerns regarding projects was responded immediately by my User Engagement Manager (Marcus) and this gave me confidence to invest with CoAssets long term.”

Han Siew Yen,

“I invested under CoAssets because it’s easy, I just have to put in the money and wait for a short period of time before getting my principal and interest back. Also, my User Engagement Manager (Wanxuan) is really helpful and always there for me :)”

Koh Zhi Rong,

“Love the ease of executing my investments with CoAssets due to their engaging team of facilitators. The option of short-term investments (1 to 3 years) suits me very well too. Thanks, CoAssets for providing the opportunity to retail investors like me to participate in bigger projects.”

Mdm Sun Gim Siew,

“Investing with CoAssets was a breeze with assurance and confidence that projects has been put through rigorous risk assessment.”


“Did my very first investment with CoAssets last year and I am glad they provide this kind of opportunity to retail investors like myself. Look forward to future updates and opportunities with the company.”

Ng A M,

“I wanted to diversify my portfolio and CoAssets gave me the sense of security and professionalism. Every member is tagged to a UEM, making it easier for us to ask any questions. My UEM, SongHan is always ready to answer any queries that I have.”

Tham RS,

“Thank you, Ryan for taking your time to explain to us your company’s business. Really appreciate that I had a chance to invest even though my investment is not huge. Waiting for more chances to invest. Thank you for your patience with me in explaining the whole process. Cheers!!!”

Tan BE,

“The personal touch in CoAssets makes me feel assured as I am constantly being updated by my User Engagement Manager (Marcus) with the company’s news and updates. It really is a unique experience compared to other online investment platforms.”


“The reason why I invested with CoAssets is because of their unique investment approach with sound logic and study of portfolio. The interest return is attractive, and Chief's presence in the company gave me much more assurance. Even after investing, Jian Wei continues to provide me constant updates on the company and has also been inviting me down to Lounge7 at Dempsey to foster client relationship via interesting events. Appreciate the gesture from Jian Wei & Eugene, keep it up!”

Robin Lee Swee Houng,

“CoAssets seems like a safe platform with stringent controls towards its crowdfunding requirements. Sharing and introducing information in a group session helps to a certain extent, I think it has proven useful that user engagement managers can connect to individual investors on a more personal level, by answering questions that may vary according to varied financial background. From the previous to current User Engagement Manager, Chantelle and Laura, both were very proactive, consistently and promptly checking with their backend team whenever a tranche is invested.”

Giam Chong,

“Investing in CoAssets is very easy and convenient as my User Engagement Manager (Ryan) constantly updates me about good deals and provides excellent service.”

Low SC,

“One of the main reasons for investing with CoAssets was that their default rate remains at 0%. It made me believe in CoAssets. I personally think this platform is suitable for working professionals as we do not need to spend a lot of time on it. We do not have to keep track of transactions or the investment portfolio. Berlin has been a friendly and easy going UEM. She has always been providing me news and updates periodically, especially when the payout is credited. The process of investing through CoAssets has been straightforward with Berlin's assistance. She prepared the necessary documents with little effort required from my end. This investment style is quick and simple.”

Gan HQ,

“CoAssets offers significant higher returns compared to other debt related products. The default rate was also pretty low, providing me assurance that credit risk is low for us investors. Song Han also provided timely advice on possible launch date of new projects which allow me to plan my finance in advance, so to better efficiently raise fund for any projects i wanted to participate.”

Michael Ang,

“As a 60 plus year old retiree without a salary coming in consistently, money management is very important to me. With only a pool of cash to work with it is very important to find institutions that will give you better rate of returns to beat inflation as well as beat offers by banks and other financial institutions. It was at this period that I came across CoAssets and they fulfilled both criteria that I had in mind. What was also helpful was that the terms were on annual renewal and I am proud to say that I have invested with CoAssets since 2017. The interest rates they are giving is better than what is offered by other financial institutions and even my equities investment. An important aspect of any investment is to be informed timely of what is happening, and I am very glad to say CoAssets have their team of User Engagement Managers that keeps me up to date on my investments. What I really like about CoAssets which makes them so distinct from other financial institutions is their”

Elijah Tan,