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What are CoAssets Tokens?

Come onboard and redeem your CoAssets Tokens (CAT) to begin your crowdfunding investment journey with Australia's First-Listed Crowdfunding Platform.

1. What are CAT?

CAT refers to CoAssets Tokens. CoAssets Tokens are used as virtual tokens to invest in crowdfunding projects on CoAssets platform. This is an innovative way for beginner crowdfunders to familiarize themselves with the crowdfunding process and as a result, get returns in the form of cash!

2. What should I do with CAT?

Invest in a crowdfunding project that accepts CAT only. Wait for the deal to mature and get returns where you can withdraw the cash when the deal matures. Please note though, that the returns will be in SGD and will only be transferable to Singapore bank or issued by cheque that is only bankable in Singapore bank.

3. What if I want to invest more in the project? Do I top up with cash?

No, you can only use CAT to invest in projects that accept CAT only. For projects that accept cash, you may invest in cash.